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The Elder Scrolls Online, abbreviated ESO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released for Windows and OS X in April It is a part of the Elder Scrolls series. The game is set in the  See more A mod called Skyrim Together has turned the formerly single-player experience into a multiplayer adventure many fans consider superior to Bethesda's own online title, Fallout Since its  · The revamp and overhaul of the Skyrim multiplayer mod is finally coming soon, as Skyrim Together Reborn finally has a release date and a lot of new details Chris J Capel The Elder Scrolls Online: Genre: Action role-playing; Publisher: Bethesda Softworks; Release date: Windows, OS X: April 4, ; PlayStation 4, Xbox One: June 9, ; Windows Xbox  · The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is coming on June 6 for PC, Mac, and Stadia players. Console players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S will have to wait a bit ... read more

While not without bugs and technical issues, Skyrim is still beloved as one of the greatest games ever made, and certainly a great destination for players to go on epic adventures for hundreds of hours at a time. While generally hailed as a near-perfect game, there's one feature players wanted publisher Bethesda to add to Skyrim : multiplayer. While official multiplayer support never came to the game, Bethesda did develop a separate title, The Elder Scrolls Online , as well as the oft-maligned Fallout While both titles have their supporters with Fallout 76 's free Wastelanders update looking to bring back lapsed players , the dream of "Online Skyrim " has remained elusive.

Related: 10 Skyrim Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words. The online modding community saw the lack of multiplayer in Skyrim as an opportunity to create it themselves. While there have been many mods attempting to bring online connectivity to the realm of Tamriel, none have been as successful as Skyrim Together.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is setting itself up to be one of the contenders for RPG of the year, and fans have wasted no time in voicing their opinions on how it should compare to previous titles Morrowind and Oblivion.

In this modern age of multiplayer supremacy, one question that really needed to be answered was the potential for a multiplayer component. with developer Bethesda hard at work trying to make Skyrim the best game in The Elder Scrolls series.

Those who favor a solitary experience can rest easy, as the game's director has confirmed that Skyrim will not be a multiplayer title. Some of you might feel that a multiplayer component to Skyrim would be cheating the singleplayer roots of the franchise's rich story, and change the game into something no longer resembling a true RPG. Still, with the new freedoms granted by Skyrim in respect to player leveling and development , entering an online community to show off your work could be somewhat appealing.

Unfortunately for fans hoping to take their version of Skyrim 's Dovahkiin - Dragonborn in dragon tongue - and pit him against other players' incarnations, this just isn't in the cards for the mega-RPG.

Part of the year-long adventure! Uncover an epic storyline told across three DLCs and the High Isle Chapter. A tale of chivalric honor and political upheaval awaits. Explore High Isle with new adventuring buddies. Group up with friends to tackle exciting new world events, a brand-new player trial and more. A brand-new Elder Scrolls Online Chapter for new and current heroes!

Chapters deliver massive amounts of new content and features that are equally accessible and fun for both existing and new ESO players. New players can jump into ESO and should look no further than The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle - the ultimate Elder Scrolls experience.

It includes immediate access to the base game and all previous Chapters, plus the new High Isle Chapter at launch. Xbox One X Enhanced: Enhanced features for Xbox One X subject to release of a content update.

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ZeniMax, The Elder Scrolls, Blackwood, Oblivion, Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Elder Scrolls Online GET IT NOW. A BRAND-NEW ELDER SCROLLS ADVENTURE  Welcome to High Isle, a part of Tamriel never-before-seen in the Elder Scrolls.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 is easily one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming games right now. Following a delay in May , that's now due to release in as an Xbox console exclusive. It's likely to be a while before we learn about our next adventure in Tamriel in any great detail, then.

Todd Howard confirmed in June that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still only in pre-production, four years since that initial reveal. As much as we hoped The Elder Scrolls 6 would pop up at Gamescom , the much-anticipated fantasy RPG didn't appear during it or Gamescom Opening Night Live. Xbox Game Studios showcased a handful of games at the convention — including Age of Empires 4 and Microsoft Flight Simulator — but Elder Scrolls fans will have to wait a while longer to find out what Bethesda is cooking up in Tamriel.

There's still a lot to learn about The Elder Scrolls 6 but, until we find out more solid details, we've rounded up all the biggest rumors and news about the next Elder Scrolls game below. Read on for everything we know about The Elder Scrolls 6 so far. Don't hold your breath for The Elder Scrolls 6 release date — you won't be exploring its dungeons any time soon.

Despite being announced at Bethesda's E3 conference, little more than a logo was revealed and, four years later, we still have little to no solid details about the next Elder Scrolls game.

We don't even have a subtitle or a release year. Todd Howard said that the game will be coming after Starfield , the company's next big IP, while Xbox Head Phil Spencer has said it won't release until after Fable 4.

Given Starfield is set to release in the first half of and Fable doesn't have a release date yet, the wait for Elder Scrolls 6 is set to be a very long one. In a more recent update, in June , Howard told IGN opens in new tab that The Elder Scrolls 6 is in "pre-production". As such, tentatively expect The Elder Scrolls 6 to release in at the very earliest, after Bethesda has given Starfield at least a couple of years in the spotlight.

Similarly, platforms for The Elder Scrolls 6 haven't been confirmed yet but, given Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax Media, releases on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are almost a certainty.

A PS5 release is much less certain, however, as Microsoft may opt to make the new Elder Scrolls game an Xbox exclusive. Similarly, releases on Xbox One and PS4 seem extremely unlikely, as Bethesda's already moving on from last-gen hardware. What we do know, however, is that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. Announcement trailer The only footage we have of Elder Scrolls 6 is a very short clip of the game's logo. Other than that, you might be waiting a while to see more.

Previous games have taken us to High Rock, Hammerfell, Morrowind, Cyrodil, and Skyrim. Valenwood, Elsweyr, and Black Marsh are the biggest places left to explore. However, even though these areas are prime spots for exploration, that's not to say that Bethesda won't return to areas from previous games.

That said, if we're just going by where might be interesting to explore, Elsweyr would also be a candidate with its dry plains and harsh badlands that the Khajit call home. It would certainly be nice to find out more about the culture of either the Khajit or the Argonians, so both of these settings have an understandable appeal to fans. There was also rumors that the Elder Scrolls 6 could be set in Valenwood, the home of the Bosmer.

In this memo, Bethesda employees were reportedly warned against using the terms Fallout: Nuka World, Elder Scrolls VI or Project Greenheart. Though it was initially believed to be a fake, Fallout: Nuka World ended up being a big DLC release for Fallout 4.

It gave slightly more weight to rumor that Project Greenheart is in fact the codename for the next Elder Scrolls title. The fact that Greenheart is a city in the verdant region of Valenwood made this even more interesting. However, after the brief announcement trailer for Elder Scrolls 6 was released during E3 , many fans began to move away from the idea of a Valenwood setting.

The landscape shown in the trailer didn't reflect Valenwood all that much. It's hard to tell from the short E3 clip we have of the game. However, since it was shown, general opinion has moved towards the idea that the Elder Scrolls 6 will be set in either Hammerfell or High Rock.

Adding credence to the Hammerfell rumor is a post from the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account at the end of That says "transcribe the past and map the future" and shows an image with an unmapped Hammerfell region. There is, however, a chance that this teaser doesn't relate to Elder Scrolls 6 at all. In an interview with Eurogamer opens in new tab , Todd Howard confirmed the team has settled on the location - but he won't tell us where yet.

Details are, of course, exceptionally sparse at the moment. All we have are rumors to go off of, which doesn't form the basis of, well, anything really. Obviously, those of us who know the world of Tamriel thanks to Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and yes, even Elder Scrolls Online, the entire world is a veritable expanse of different lands and settings where the game could be set.

We do know one thing for certain; wherever it does end up being set, we can expect to be fulfilling a great many side quests. Fallout 5 is coming after The Elder Scrolls 6 In an interview with IGN opens in new tab , Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout 5 will be Bethesda's next project after The Elder Scrolls 6. I can't say that's a good thing.

Do I wish I could wave a wand and the game we wanted to make [ According to Howard, however, the time felt right for Bethesda to try something new with Starfield and the Elder Scrolls Online meant that the Elder Scrolls franchise was in a relatively good place.

Xbox exclusivity wouldn't be about "punishing" PS5 players, says Xbox boss While The Elder Scrolls 6's console exclusivity still hasn't been confirmed, Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned in an interview with GQ opens in new tab that if the game were to be exclusive, it wouldn't be to punish fans looking to play on PS5. And that would be true when I think about Elder Scrolls 6. That would be true when I think about any of our franchises.

Todd Howard wants The Elder Scrolls 6 to be a "decade game" In the same interview with GQ, linked above, Bethesda game director Todd Howard spoke on following up the legacy of Skyrim, which has enjoyed a decade of re-releases, upgrades and no shortage of fan-created mods on both PC and consoles.

Seemingly thinking ahead about The Elder Scrolls 6's longevity, Howard said: "I think that would drive me crazy to try to say, 'Okay, this is the thing you have to top,'" in reference to Skyrim. The adage of "if you build it, they will come" has almost always applied to The Elder Scrolls franchise, at least since the series exploded in popularity with the release of the third entry, Morrowind.

To this day, fans are still creating mods and total conversions for Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, so we think Howard shouldn't be all that concerned with how to make the next entry a 'decade game,' as it will likely naturally become that through the modding scene, as well as with official support from Bethesda.

Reportedly an Xbox exclusive like Starfield Starfield has been confirmed as an Xbox exclusive but for many question marks still remain around The Elder Scrolls 6 as nothing has been explicitly confirmed by Bethesda or Microsoft just yet. Grubb tweeted this in response to a user who suggested that Starfield and other Bethesda games could still have a chance of a PS5 release:. And also Elder Scrolls 6 is planned as Xbox exclusive as well. But when I think about our lineup, and I think about that more core fantasy RPG setting, I think Avowed is gonna be an awesome entrance there.

The Elder Scrolls 6 may not come to PS5 Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that future Bethesda games will be exclusive to "platforms where Game Pass exists", meaning PS5 players will miss out. During the " Bethesda Joins Xbox" roundtable opens in new tab on March 11, Spencer addressed speculation around whether the acquisition will see future Bethesda titles, such as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, becoming Xbox exclusives following Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media.

However, games under contractual obligations from before the acquisition, such as Deathloop , will still land on PS5 — while games that currently exist on other platforms will continue to be supported.

Though it's worth noting that The Elder Scrolls 6 may not fall under this Xbox Game Pass exclusivity umbrella if Sony has already secured the games on its platform, it is entirely possible that a big hitter like this will only be available on Xbox and PC — for a time, at least — especially given platforms haven't been confirmed for either yet. That's certainly the case with Starfield, now a confirmed Xbox-only exclusive. Leaked footage seems likely fake A video claiming to be early test footage from The Elder Scrolls 6 has appeared online but its authenticity is suspect.

Posted to Reddit via GamesRadar opens in new tab , the footage is extremely short a grand total of 10 seconds and only gives a first-person view of a figure running across grass and past rocks. Todd is currently EP on many BGS and other projects, such as the Fallout TV show. His main focus remains Directing the upcoming Starfield and TES6 games, which aren't affected by today's news. January 12, Is it Hammerfell?

Transcribe the past and map the future. The lights are placed on different areas of Tamriel, with one on a box above the map, another on Skyrim and another, interestingly, on an unmapped area below Skyrim: Hammerfell.

Naturally, many fans are taking this image as a hint that the rumors about the setting are true. Another point of interest, picked up on by PCGamer opens in new tab , is the date on the map: 4E This is actually only a few years before the events of Skyrim in around 4E and hints that the 5th and 6th games in the series could be closely connected. I look forward to learning about that.

Ryan also explained that Sony approaches things differently to Microsoft when it comes to making studio acquisitions. We respect the steps taken by our competition, they seem logical and sensible. At the very least, Todd Howard has said in an interview with Gamesindustry. Though he also made it clear that, at the time, these kinds of decisions had not been made just yet. The Elder Scrolls 6 will use a brand new engine Bethesda has confirmed it is overhauling its current engine specifically for Elder Scrolls 6.

Imagine if Elder Scrolls 6 looked and ran like Skyrim. This is a thought which belongs somewhere firmly shut behind the Gates of Oblivion.

According to GamesRadar opens in new tab , the engine reportedly has the same name, but it will bring new renders, lighting, animations hallelujah , landscape system and photogrammetry.

Todd Howard spoke about the engine after the announcement of the Microsoft merger, saying "it's led to our largest engine overhaul since Oblivion, with all new technologies powering our first new IP in 25 years, Starfield, as well as The Elder Scrolls 6. The Elder Scrolls 6 will be coming after Starfield Starfield will be Bethesda's next big release in and we won't be able to play The Elder Scrolls 6 until after that. The prime focus for Bethesda is Starfield. In an interview with Bethesda Game Studios, executive producer Tom Howard spoke to IGN , who warned "I think everyone should be very patient.

Job listings Some job listings for Bethesda Game Studios have led to rumors that work on Starfield could be wrapping up and that The Elder Scrolls 6 could be heading into full production soon. As of October 23, , it seems like the position is still taking applicants. First spotted by a Reddit opens in new tab user, a job listing for Gameplay Programmers opens in new tab at the studio calls for "talented programmers to join our team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles".

While there's no mention of The Elder Scrolls in this listing, it does seem to be a recruitment call for something in its early stages, rather than a project that's been underway for a while like Starfield.

Adding fuel to the fire, there's also a listing for a Video Editor opens in new tab on the Bethesda site which some have taken as a sign that work on Starfield is in its final stages and that the developer will soon be looking to create video marketing material such as trailers.

The Redfall trademark dispute has been resolved - and explained ZeniMax Media's dispute with Bookbreeze over the trademark of Redfall has now been resolved. Bethesda's parent company had attempted to trademark the name back in leading fans to believe that The Elder Scrolls 6 could finally have a name.

Redfall is also, however, the name of a science fiction series published by Bookbreeze so the claim was naturally contested in February However, we now know that Bethesda was hunting the trademark not for Elder Scrolls 6 purposes, but instead as the title for Arkane Studio's upcoming vampire-themed team shooter.

The resolution is reported via Gamasutra opens in new tab as being amicable and "mutually beneficial" for both parties but it remains confidential. Photogrammetry technology will be used In that 25th anniversary panel which dashed the E3 dreams of so many, Bethesda did at the very least give fans a glimpse of some of the technology that will be used in the development of The Elder Scrolls 6.

We got a peek at the use of photogrammetry which involves scanning real-life objects and environments to bring them into the game in detailed 3D.

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 · The Elder Scrolls 6 release date revealed due to Skyrim. Jul 09, Tom Lee 0 Credit: limefar. Due to the cult open-world action game Skyrim, we managed to find out  · (Image credit: Bethesda) Don't hold your breath for The Elder Scrolls 6 release date – you won't be exploring its dungeons any time soon. Despite being announced at A mod called Skyrim Together has turned the formerly single-player experience into a multiplayer adventure many fans consider superior to Bethesda's own online title, Fallout Since its  · The revamp and overhaul of the Skyrim multiplayer mod is finally coming soon, as Skyrim Together Reborn finally has a release date and a lot of new details Chris J Capel The Elder Scrolls Online: Genre: Action role-playing; Publisher: Bethesda Softworks; Release date: Windows, OS X: April 4, ; PlayStation 4, Xbox One: June 9, ; Windows Xbox The Elder Scrolls Online, abbreviated ESO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released for Windows and OS X in April It is a part of the Elder Scrolls series. The game is set in the  See more ... read more

In March , a major change called Update 29 was released. Windows Xbox [d]. The Guardian. Archived from the original on May 11, A remastered version, titled The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Special Edition , was released for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October , with all three DLC expansions and a graphical upgrade.

Retrieved July 5, Mac OS [e]. Retrieved December 16, Not only is Vic passionate about games, but she's also an avid mental health advocate who has appeared on both panels and podcasts to discuss mental health awareness. Retrieved March 26, Numerous changes were made to equipment and skills. PlayStation 3 : Deci, T.